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Weight Training Biceps

There are two general goals of getting bigger biceps, and some treat these as their main approaches. The first main step is to build the mass and size of the biceps. The second, once you have built your biceps into a proportion qualified for proper tournaments, is to build biceps having a high peak.

Yes, you’ve heard that right, a high peak. High-peaked biceps are the domain of Mr. Universes, Olympian bodybuilders and other prize-winning physiques. It means you have put a lot into training. Weight training biceps into getting a higher peak can be very difficult and painstaking, but the payoffs are tremendous. That is, if you want to be in the realm of competitive bodybuilding.

If you don’t want that, well, no one’s stopping you from developing big, mountainous biceps anyway. Curiously, the main requirement of achieving high-peaked biceps (aside from sheer hard work) is the bodybuilder’s genetics. This means that having longer biceps muscles is the key to making that humongous bulge. This is the length of your biceps when relaxed and stretched out. When you properly develop that, if you flex your arm to 90 degrees the biceps will have no space to contract and instead will go up.

To spell it out right, weight training biceps are just one half of the total ingredient to high-peaked biceps; you’ll have to make sure your biceps are physiologically long.

Well, what if my biceps aren’t that long? Getting high-peaked biceps is still not out of reach however; there are some bodybuilder champions who had average-length biceps but still brought home the trophy. Weight training biceps to the proper peak requires some specialized exercises in the gym, which are fortunately rather easy.

One exercise that experts recommend is the preacher curls. If you’ve noticed in a bodybuilding gym, there’s a specialized bench that you can sit and where you can extend your arms into an incline, much like a preacher’s podium. There, your upper arms can rest while you curl your arms with a barbell. This isolates much of the stress and tension to the biceps.

Another much-recommended weight training biceps exercise is the concentration curls. This is so-called because you will appear to be in a “concentrating” position. With your legs apart, sit at the end of a bench and grab a dumbbell with your working hand between your legs. Let the elbow of the arm lightly rest again the inside of the same-side thigh to stabilize it. This again isolates the biceps, leaving much of the extraneous stress behind.