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Training Biceps

The biceps are one of the most recognized and conspicuous muscle groups of the body. Of course, most men want to have stronger and more buff physiques, and one way to achieve this is to increase the size and mass of the biceps. How do you get the biceps so big, just like in the bodybuilding competitions?

The proper training biceps exercises and the right amount of weights and repetitions is the key. Intuitively to a beginner, exercises that isolate the biceps are fastest way to grow them. However, this is erroneous, since the biceps are mainly a secondary muscle, which means they largely support other muscle groups. Training biceps routines that involve not just the biceps but nearby muscles are crucial, and it will help you to achieve bigger biceps than having them isolated.

Training biceps involves a combination of isolated exercises and compound exercise routines that can increase mass and size. The following training biceps exercises are recommended.

Concentration curls. Sit on the edge of a bench or chair, legs apart. If you intend to exercise your right arm, support yourself with the left arm by placing it on the left leg. The right arm, the one that you intend to exercise, should be between your legs, and the elbow should lightly touch the inside of your right thigh. Grab a dumbbell with your right hand, and slowly work up your desired repetitions. This training biceps exercise is a great way of isolating the biceps.

Preacher curls. So-called because the person sits on a bench like a preacher’s pulpit, preacher curls are another great way of training biceps in isolation. In this exercise, it is impossible to “cheat” (jerking the weights up through the use of other muscles, especially the back) since your elbows are resting on a padded incline. You will really feel the biceps burn with this one.

Find a preacher bench. Sit comfortably and position your chest near the top of the bench, extending and resting your arms over it. Grab the barbells under (barbells in this case are better than dumbbells, if you want uniform development), and work up your own repetitions.

Incline dumbbell curls. This is also a mass gainer for your biceps. Grab two dumbbells and sit on an incline bench with your arms dropping to your sides. Curl up your arms slowly while rotating your forearms until your enclosed palms are facing towards you at the highest point. When done properly, it will also lengthen the biceps a bit, which is very good for increasing the “peak” of your biceps when flexed.