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The Ultimate Bicep Workout Routine

Are you looking for an ideal bicep workout routine? A routine that will add inches to your biceps quickly? Pay attention, these kinds of routines do not exist. Sorry, but people who are brand-new to bodybuilding always desire to know about the secret exercise, the secret exercise routine, or the secret supplement that will make their biceps grow like they are on steroids.

If you want to develop huge arms then you should stick to the basic biceps workouts. There’s no need to try fancy workout routines which include new modern exercises, due to the fact that there are workouts that are proven and tested by time and hundreds of bodybuilders from all over the globe.

I will share with you the bicep exercise routine, but I want you to keep in mind a few essential things about training in basic. To start with I want you to know that there’s no point of having substantial biceps if your various other body parts are under-developed. You will appear like Popeye. Don’t have other underdeveloped body parts, develop a frame then deal with smaller muscle teams.

Secondly I want you to understand that it is actually important to concentrate on heavy weights. If you wish to develop muscle than there’s no need to use weight where you are able to do more than twelve repetitions. You must stay with weights where you’ll just have the ability to do from 6 to 8 reps. Keep in mind that just heavy pressing movements build muscle.

Bicep Workout Routine

If you desire to build huge arms then you should train them separately. Not with your chest, not with your back, but you’ll need them different on an individual day. To attain this you’ll be following a five day body-split routine which will look like this:

Monday – Chest

Tuesday – Back

Wednesday – Arms

Thursday – Shoulders

Friday – Legs

Wednesday’s Arm Routine


Seated Barbell Curls 4 Sets x 8-12 Reps.
Alternating Dumbell Curls 3 Sets x 6-8 Reps.
Concentration curls 3 Sets x 8 Reps.


Dips 4 Sets x 8-12 Reps.
Narrow Grip Bench Press 4 Sets x 6-8 Reps.

If you use the workout routine from above then you ought to see some strong gains in a really brief time period. Like I’ve discussed at the beginning, you have to keep proportions and you will have a completely developed body.

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How to get big biceps quickly

How to get big biceps quickly and what workouts build huge biceps quickly, is probably the most asked question I receive from people who are just starting in bodybuilding. There are a couple of ways you could get huge biceps quick. The first is to take steroids, which I do not recommend. The second is hard work, knowledge of exercises, diet plan, routines and training like a maniac. When you are beginning out in bodybuilding, do not fall into the trap that many individuals do, this being exercising only one body part to death and over-training. To get huge biceps and quickly first you need to understand the muscle and its parts.

The biceps are composed of two muscles, the inner head and the outer head.  By training both of these bicep muscles you are making a mass appear on your arms. Exercises for the inner biceps will be exercises like, biceps barbell curls, seated concentration curls, and large grip barbell curls on a preacher bench. For the inner biceps any exercise with a close grip, such as close grip barbell curls, and close grip barbell preacher curls. Additionally a great exercise for the outer biceps is reverse curls, dumbbell hammer curls. I found that when I first started seeing my biceps truly getting huge was when I began integrating super sets and drop sets.  My biceps just seem to grow out over night.

The reason for not doing these sorts of workouts all the time is because you would over train the biceps. A super set is quite demanding on any body part specifically on a little muscle group like the biceps. So if you really wish to see the biceps get huge quick do not over train them. Work them twice a week at most and only if they are totally recovered from the previous exercise.The various other key aspects to obtaining big biceps is to having big triceps muscles.  Not having huge triceps will make your biceps will small and unbalanced. The outer head of the triceps makes the outer head of the biceps look bigger when developed properly.

Great workouts for the external triceps are close grip bench press, close grip push-ups, one arm laying on a bench dumbbell extension. These are simple workouts for the external head of the triceps muscles. Do not forget about diet, eating the right quantity of protein, carbohydrates are used to expand any muscle group so see to it you are getting enough of all of them at least 5 times a day every 3 hours.

So remember to get huge biceps and understand your workouts, do not over train, and consume the right foods. If you are a beginner keep your rep variety in each exercise around 10-12. You will find that the biceps react best to this, not the typical 8 reps array. At first do refrain more than 12 sets including the warm-up sets, or getting big biceps quick will become a slow uphill battle.

Mar 16 / admin

Killer Arm Workouts for Awesome Biceps

There is the possibility that when you hear the words “best bicep exercises” you are picturing variations of the normal focused curls. Although the general understanding is to isolate the biceps when developing huge arms, you should consider compound workouts that not just target the arms, but other muscles likewise. This might lead you to ask why you would need to target various other muscles if you want to develop your biceps.

It truly is a simple answer. In order to develop more muscle, you should break more muscle down. Muscle fibers need to be broken down from various other muscle groups, in order to then construct larger bicep muscles. Thing is that the biceps are among the smaller sized of the muscle teams, meaning not a great deal of fiber could be broken down by separating the bicep muscles alone. Being that a heavy compound workout calls on extra muscle groups for their fiber breakdown capability, the biceps will take advantage of this profoundly. This is why the best bicep exercises are those that are based around these substance exercises.

When you do your heavier lifts, it will activate your biceps as well as work more muscle fibers from various other groups. Making sure to concentrate on a heavy substance workout routine as being something like ten reps per set, and 5 sets. When your biceps have been activated by making use of the readily available muscle fibers, you might want to do some more isolated workouts such as bicep curls, because the muscle fibers will remain active. What is in fact taking place is that you are deceiving your body into thinking the weight you are lifting, is in fact heavier than it truly is.

Best Bicep Exercises – No Way!
Numerous weight lifters have been known to use this exact same strategy, so you understand it is reputable.

Without realizing it, there is every possibility that you are currently using this method with your workouts. A lot of you might do a split routine, which is when you begin with your back exercise, and move onto the biceps after that. The approach is precisely the exact same; The secondary muscle group (biceps) will be utilized by the bigger muscle groups, and then you follow up with those separated workouts.

Which are the best bicep exercises?
The best bicep workouts would be the heavy lifts which target several muscle groups, the biceps being among those.

Pull Ups

Chin Ups

Bent Over Rows

Beginning with an exercise detailed above is the advisable method if you are not working your back before your biceps. Working large groups of muscle fibers is what these compound lifts do, and this is how you will get a much better exercise.

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Mar 15 / admin

The Best Bicep Workouts

Though experienced lifters understand that you need to concentrate on building the big muscle groups of the back, legs, and chest, everyone likes a good, difficult biceps workout. Right here is the best bicep workouts that you could do to develop the greatest arms possible.

1. Barbell Curl

The very best bicep exercise will start with the heaviest feasible motion. For most individuals, this is the routine barbell biceps curl. This movement will enable you to make use of even more weight than other curl sort of movement.

The form you make use of on this workout ought to be rather loose. You do not should utilize super-strict type on curls to tax your biceps, but just make sure that’s where most of the anxiety goes. Be truthful with yourself about whether you are actually working your biceps.

Work up to a couple of sets of 6-8 reps with the barbell curl. If the straight barbell harms your wrist (as it does mine), you can utilize an EZ bar, which has a bend in the handle that permits for even more convenience. Though you probably can’t make use of as much weight this means, your wrists will stay safe and able to lift weights.

2. Dumbbell Hammer Curl

You need to work your lower arms as difficult as your biceps, if you want totally developed arms. The very best motion for working your forearms is the hammer curl. Like the barbell curl with the biceps, the hammer curl will enable you to make use of more weight for your forearms than other movement.

Work up to two sets of 8-10 reps with this hammer curl for the finest bicep workout. Enable yourself to utilize a bit of swing in the motion, but see to it you actually feel your lower arms working. After these first two workouts, your biceps and lower arms should be pretty fatigued.

3. Incline Dumbbell Curl

The incline curl should be include in the very best bicep workout, for it is one of the most targeted exercises for this muscle. It enables for a huge stretch at the bottom of the motion, and one of the greatest feasible tightenings for your biceps at the top.

To carry out the incline curl, set an incline bench at a moderate angle, about 30 degrees away from upright. Keeping your back against the pad, curl the dumbells towards your chest, utilizing a full array of motion and no swing. Work up to 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps.

4. Preacher Curl

By now your biceps should be very fatigued, but you’re almost done with the best bicep exercise. Head on over to perform 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps of preacher curls. Concentrate on the pump you enter your biceps, and stop when they are totally fatigued.

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Bicep Exercises To Help You Build Muscle

The biceps are some of the most renowned muscles in the body. As a matter of fact, numerous guys think about the bicep muscles to be the best as far as their looks are worried. Having a nice set of biceps will help you look wonderful in a T-shirt, and it is something that you could happily take with you any place that you go. Getting the right kinds of biceps workouts in, nevertheless, is going to make all the difference in exactly how huge your arms are getting.

The first thing that you have to determine is if you want bicep definition or if you’re  going for general arm size. The reason this is the case, is because the arm is not comprised primarily of bicep muscles and it truly has very little to do with the total size of your upper arm. If arm size is your objective, you must be exercising the triceps muscles and although these are not going to normally look as good whenever you flex them, it will help your arms to bulk up really quickly.

As far as fundamental bicep exercises are worried, there is really just one type of movement that will help to hit this muscle and separate it effectively. This is the curling motion, and you can integrate it into a figure of various sorts of exercises. Preacher curls are among the most popular, due to the fact that it mobilizes your arm while at the exact same time, getting you to use a barbell in order to crunch those biceps. You might appreciate making use of some dumbells from time to time, nonetheless, in order to isolate each individual bicep muscle. With that, utilizing dumbbells will work the stabilizer muscles which will help to improve your total strength. If you wish to actually build an amazing body, do not ignore the bicep muscles.

Multi-joint exercises are the best way for you to get the most out of your regular workout regimen. The unfortunate thing about a lot of bicep workouts is that they isolate these muscles and do not integrate any others into the exercise. When you do exercises such as the bench press, lat pulldowns and comparable workouts, you are not just working the primary muscle group however you’re additionally working the bicep muscles right along with it. This can really help you to grow rapidly.

Finally, do not neglect your lower body and core exercises. It could appear a little unusual, however whenever you do exercises such as the dead lift and squats, you are really constructing the biceps. The reason this is the case, is due to the fact that those heavy exercises require the body to release chemicals that make it grow. These chemicals not just work in the legs and core, they also work in the biceps. You can find that whenever you balance your exercises in this method, your biceps will grow more than you had ever before hoped feasible.