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Apr 27 / admin

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review

In review Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer is a diet and muscle building program that is created specifically around your body type. It is created by fitness model and nutritionist Kyle Leon. The Muscle Maximizer program intends to optimize your diet based on your body type.

The Muscle Maximizer is for men who are serious about breaking through their body building plateau and is definitely not for guys who are just preparing to work out once a week on the weekends. To date, it’s been helping me build lots of lean muscle and has actually enhanced my physique considerably so far. By using this system you get the specific instructions that Kyle offers his customers as a trainer along with his personal dietary standards for developing high quality diet strategies.

The Muscle Maximizer Program

With this program, you don’t get a regular diet plan. All users get their personal customized plan that’s catered for their own physique and weight. This is great for weight lifters who take their workouts at the gym seriously. Complete step by step workout programs and other helpful dietary supplement information is provided in the workout program.

You will be prompted when you use the software to input your personal details such as your name, age, height, weight, and body shape. If you are not sure  what your body shape is, you will see a description showing every option to help you choose the right options.

When the software gets your personalized information, it then produces yourthe muscle maximizer diet plan strategies with meal by meal guidelines and exactly what nutrients you want to get from your meals. The Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program software provides you a suggested day-to-day consumption of protein, calories, carbs and fats which will give you a lot more energy throughout the day and more musclegrowth with the training program.

If you still have questions, check out the free video presentation on the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer website. You can also see real user results in addition information about Kyle Leon.

Apr 18 / admin

How To Get Bigger Biceps

Men want to have bigger biceps primarily due to the fact that women enjoy men who have well-defined arms. In addition, women generally take a second glance when they see a guy with biceps that bulge with their sleeves. So on that note, it is clear that guys are interested in learning the best ways to get bigger biceps. Having bigger biceps increases your confidence while getting all the other perks too.

It is a man’s nature to flaunt his possessions. Luckily, the biceps are the most convenient muscles to show off without needing to go shirtless. A pair of bulging biceps will definitely raise your hotness to an new level. To ladies, having bigger biceps coincides as having the vigor and strength of a macho man. One bad thing though is that, most guys do not know the best ways to build biceps.

The best ways to grow biceps then? Thankfully for you, building biceps is pretty simple. You need discipline and motivation, and you can grow biceps fast. Remember to incorporate these concepts into your life and you will discover the best ways to get bigger biceps in no time.

Refrain from overtraining your biceps. There’s a saying that occasionally, once is great enough. That’s the case with having bigger biceps. Training your biceps daily may not be a great thing for your arms. Do you understand that muscles expand when you are resting or sleeping? Thus, overtraining your biceps is not a good thing. If you want your arms to get bigger, you should get as much rest as your body requires for it to fix muscle tissues and create more muscles.

Quality reps is leading concern. If you wish to learn ways to get huge biceps, then you need to execute your reps properly. Remember that every dumbbell curl or barbell curl should be performed correctly. Doing many curls or reps is not the goal of this undertaking. The lower the number of repetitions, the much better the outcome is. Correct execution of your repetitions gives an assurance that you are working your muscles properly.

Make it a point that you begin each repetition with your arms fully extended prior to you starting the curl. In so doing, you are ensured that each repeating curl is performed properly. This will help you learn the best ways to grow biceps fast and easy.

Consume a healthy diet. The food that you consume will offer you with the needed energy to do your bicep workouts. Eating foods that are low in fat and high in fiber could efficiently quicken your metabolic process and offers you the energy that you require for your training. Carbs, protein, and vitamins and minerals are essential for your body to work well and to fix itself after each intense exercise session.

How to get bigger biceps? It is not that tough. Determined people will find it very easy to accomplish. If you eat right, exercise right, and sleep right, then growing biceps is a walk in the park.

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Apr 9 / admin

Bodybuilding Training For Biceps Development

Bodybuilding is about fitness of all body parts. That is why all exercises are important in bodybuilding as each serves different functions. Biceps are part of the body and they should be worked at the same frequency as other body parts. One of the best and preferred exercise for enhancing biceps muscle is the bicep curl. This exercise has the tendency to build the muscle without any type of  complex movement.

You can begin by holding the weights in your hands and making sure that the arms are extended by the sides. As you continue, make sure you arms are against the side of your body as you raise the weights up. Now lower the weights down gradually to the original position. Repeat the entire procedure for about 3 to 4 sets of 8-12 repetitions. Make sure that you maximize your motion by slowing the workout down. This make the muscles get worked more and therefore faster muscle development.

A clear variation of the bicep curl is to make sure that you start in the exact same position, however this time angle the arms at a wider angle to make sure that the muscles are worked more. If you feel sick of the puny arms and have actually been bruised by your shirt sleeves when exercising, this specific exercise can work miracles for you. Take a small and wider than your shoulder-width grip and make sure that you try to keep the elbows in a secured position to the sides. Curl maximally until the biceps are contracted at the peak. This exercise can take 5-9 reps of a particular set.

A more unusual approach of building the bicep is with a yoga exercise. It’s quite easy and doesn’t require any kind of a mat. Just lie with your face down on a straight flooring and keep your hands close to the shoulder height. When working out use your muscles, arms and legs to push the body from the floor till the back is up and the arms and the feet balance. Keep this position for a 20 count. Then lower down and rest for an entire minute, then see to it that you repeat for about 2 sets of exactly 10 repetitions. This motion does not only works the biceps, but toughens the core muscles also. Keep in mind that, biceps are muscles of the body and only working them out can not ensure a balanced bodybuilding process.

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Building Biceps Everyone Will Envy

Ever dream of having huge biceps? Then follow my biceps building routine. It is a very easy bicep building routine that will assist you in developing big arms that everyone will envy.

3 workouts that will help you to build huge biceps. bicep size

1. EZ bar curls

The EZ bar curl will build the mass you want to your biceps. You need to make this exercise difficult and heavy, however do not cheat, use perfect form.2.

2. Dumbbell concentration curls

 I like doing concentration curls; my biceps feel so pumped after doing a few sets of these. This will add that thickness in you’re biceps.

3. Seated rotating dumbell curls

If you do this workout right your biceps will blow up with development. You must use a bench with a back. This workout requires good form and works really well.

Three guidelines that will help you develop huge biceps.

1. Always use ideal form, never ever cheat or swing the weights.

2. Work your biceps one to two times a week, but never work them once again until the muscle soreness is gone. You’re biceps are still recovering if you are sore.

3. The most vital rule. In every exercise include weight to the exercise and use good form.

Here is one of the building biceps routine I utilize.

Monday and Thursday                             Huge arms

Ez bar curls
3 sets of 6 to 8 reps with 2 mins rest in between sets

Dumbbell concentration curl
3 sets of 10 to 12 reps with about 30 seconds between sets

Seated alternating dumbell curls
3 sets of 8 to 10 reps with about 1 minute rest in between sets

If you feel over trained cut back on your sets or simply cut down to one day a week, let your body tell you how you feel. Simply make sure you do not over train or you’re biceps will never ever grow. Try this building biceps routine for 30 days and you will see huge development.

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Mar 27 / admin

Bicep Workout Without Weights

One of the best exercises for your biceps do not even require any weights or devices. All you need is something to hang from. You can get a pull-up bar for under $30, or go out to a regional park and perform pull ups and chin-ups on the monkey bars. Many people that say that you cannot get a good workout for your biceps with body weight training can’t even do a pull-up.  Go ahead and try to do a pull-up yourself.  You’ll be shocked at the number of muscle groups you are working.

I did a workout that included 100 pull-ups  Actually, I never got up to 100 pullups. My body simply quit after around 92. I even took a five hour break to try to pull my body up once more, but still could not. I also attempted to do a rep right prior to going to sleep. Nope, my muscles were totally fried. When I got up the next morning, not only did my back feel sore, but my abs, chest, arms, and shoulders were sore. And I didn’t even do any push ups or abdominal work that day.

Pull-ups are a complete upper body and stomach exercise. If you can pump out 10 pull-ups then it’s time to move onto harder variations. One variation that is easier than the pull ups is chin ups. Pull-ups are where you grip the bar with palms facing away from you. Chin ups are where you grip the bar with a palms facing towards you. This grip in fact works the biceps muscle even more than pull ups. Both variations are terrific, and you ought to probably use both variations in your workouts for a full bicep exercise.