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Mar 17 / admin

How to get big biceps quickly

How to get big biceps quickly and what workouts build huge biceps quickly, is probably the most asked question I receive from people who are just starting in bodybuilding. There are a couple of ways you could get huge biceps quick. The first is to take steroids, which I do not recommend. The second is hard work, knowledge of exercises, diet plan, routines and training like a maniac. When you are beginning out in bodybuilding, do not fall into the trap that many individuals do, this being exercising only one body part to death and over-training. To get huge biceps and quickly first you need to understand the muscle and its parts.

The biceps are composed of two muscles, the inner head and the outer head.  By training both of these bicep muscles you are making a mass appear on your arms. Exercises for the inner biceps will be exercises like, biceps barbell curls, seated concentration curls, and large grip barbell curls on a preacher bench. For the inner biceps any exercise with a close grip, such as close grip barbell curls, and close grip barbell preacher curls. Additionally a great exercise for the outer biceps is reverse curls, dumbbell hammer curls. I found that when I first started seeing my biceps truly getting huge was when I began integrating super sets and drop sets.  My biceps just seem to grow out over night.

The reason for not doing these sorts of workouts all the time is because you would over train the biceps. A super set is quite demanding on any body part specifically on a little muscle group like the biceps. So if you really wish to see the biceps get huge quick do not over train them. Work them twice a week at most and only if they are totally recovered from the previous exercise.The various other key aspects to obtaining big biceps is to having big triceps muscles.  Not having huge triceps will make your biceps will small and unbalanced. The outer head of the triceps makes the outer head of the biceps look bigger when developed properly.

Great workouts for the external triceps are close grip bench press, close grip push-ups, one arm laying on a bench dumbbell extension. These are simple workouts for the external head of the triceps muscles. Do not forget about diet, eating the right quantity of protein, carbohydrates are used to expand any muscle group so see to it you are getting enough of all of them at least 5 times a day every 3 hours.

So remember to get huge biceps and understand your workouts, do not over train, and consume the right foods. If you are a beginner keep your rep variety in each exercise around 10-12. You will find that the biceps react best to this, not the typical 8 reps array. At first do refrain more than 12 sets including the warm-up sets, or getting big biceps quick will become a slow uphill battle.