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Apr 9 / admin

Bodybuilding Training For Biceps Development

Bodybuilding is about fitness of all body parts. That is why all exercises are important in bodybuilding as each serves different functions. Biceps are part of the body and they should be worked at the same frequency as other body parts. One of the best and preferred exercise for enhancing biceps muscle is the bicep curl. This exercise has the tendency to build the muscle without any type of  complex movement.

You can begin by holding the weights in your hands and making sure that the arms are extended by the sides. As you continue, make sure you arms are against the side of your body as you raise the weights up. Now lower the weights down gradually to the original position. Repeat the entire procedure for about 3 to 4 sets of 8-12 repetitions. Make sure that you maximize your motion by slowing the workout down. This make the muscles get worked more and therefore faster muscle development.

A clear variation of the bicep curl is to make sure that you start in the exact same position, however this time angle the arms at a wider angle to make sure that the muscles are worked more. If you feel sick of the puny arms and have actually been bruised by your shirt sleeves when exercising, this specific exercise can work miracles for you. Take a small and wider than your shoulder-width grip and make sure that you try to keep the elbows in a secured position to the sides. Curl maximally until the biceps are contracted at the peak. This exercise can take 5-9 reps of a particular set.

A more unusual approach of building the bicep is with a yoga exercise. It’s quite easy and doesn’t require any kind of a mat. Just lie with your face down on a straight flooring and keep your hands close to the shoulder height. When working out use your muscles, arms and legs to push the body from the floor till the back is up and the arms and the feet balance. Keep this position for a 20 count. Then lower down and rest for an entire minute, then see to it that you repeat for about 2 sets of exactly 10 repetitions. This motion does not only works the biceps, but toughens the core muscles also. Keep in mind that, biceps are muscles of the body and only working them out can not ensure a balanced bodybuilding process.