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Biceps Exercises

The biceps are perhaps the most famous muscle group in the entire human body. If all the muscles in the body were people, the biceps would be the superstars; the crème de la crème, the top of the heap. Every man, boy, and teenager who wants to perform a show of strength, whether professional or just plain showing off, would intuitively flex the biceps.

Every guy naturally would want to have stronger and more bulging biceps. Among all cultures, a mountain of biceps is a sure sign of manly strength. (However, it’s not the surest sign of physical fitness. That distinction belongs to the abdominals.) When someone asks you to display a show of strength, you would flex not your quadriceps, but your biceps of course. It’s something innate to us men.

Of course, as said earlier, biceps are not the ultimate indicator of health, but well-rounded biceps that seem like thought balloons sitting on brass arms are highly prized among men. But newbies to bodybuilding may erroneously conclude that performing isolated biceps exercises will bring their biceps size to a whole new level. This isn’t the case. The biceps are secondary muscles, meaning they largely assist other muscles in core movements. To really make biceps grow big fast, you’ll need to work on compound biceps exercises — those exercises that target two or three muscle groups aside from the biceps.

Weight lifting routines that include the brachialis muscles (forearms), deltoids (shoulders), triceps, back muscles, and the pectorals (chest) are all ideal when trying to develop great biceps. Here are two of the best biceps exercises that you should follow.

Alternate rotating dumbbell curl. This involves very natural movements of the arms. To do this, stand with both hands on dumbbells at your sides, palms facing inside. Slowly lift one forearm to your chin while rotating your arm, until your closed palm faces toward your head when at its highest point. Remember to keep that arm’s elbow steady at all times. When you drop that forearm close to the starting position, bring up the other forearm in the same manner.

Standing barbell curl. This is a highly recommended exercise if you simply want to mass up your biceps. To begin, stand up with a barbell in your hands, arms hanging down just in front of your hips, and enclosed palms facing outwards. Your hands should be a shoulder-width apart. Slowly lift your forearms and the barbell until the bar nearly touches your chin area. As you slowly return to the starting position, keep the tension on the biceps. As always, keep your elbows close to your sides and don’t let them move around.

These are some of the best weight lifting exercises that can be done to build strong biceps muscles.