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Mar 27 / admin

Bicep Workout Without Weights

One of the best exercises for your biceps do not even require any weights or devices. All you need is something to hang from. You can get a pull-up bar for under $30, or go out to a regional park and perform pull ups and chin-ups on the monkey bars. Many people that say that you cannot get a good workout for your biceps with body weight training can’t even do a pull-up.  Go ahead and try to do a pull-up yourself.  You’ll be shocked at the number of muscle groups you are working.

I did a workout that included 100 pull-ups  Actually, I never got up to 100 pullups. My body simply quit after around 92. I even took a five hour break to try to pull my body up once more, but still could not. I also attempted to do a rep right prior to going to sleep. Nope, my muscles were totally fried. When I got up the next morning, not only did my back feel sore, but my abs, chest, arms, and shoulders were sore. And I didn’t even do any push ups or abdominal work that day.

Pull-ups are a complete upper body and stomach exercise. If you can pump out 10 pull-ups then it’s time to move onto harder variations. One variation that is easier than the pull ups is chin ups. Pull-ups are where you grip the bar with palms facing away from you. Chin ups are where you grip the bar with a palms facing towards you. This grip in fact works the biceps muscle even more than pull ups. Both variations are terrific, and you ought to probably use both variations in your workouts for a full bicep exercise.