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Feb 22 / admin

Benefits of Off-Weight Bicep Curls

If you have dumbbells with weight plates (like a York set) or a set like the Bowflex Select Tech, take advantage of off weight resistance exercises, particularly the bicep curl.

Anybody looking to take their standard curls up a notch has to try this.

Set up

Load your barbells so there is a heavier weight on the inside. This means, when you are holding the dumbbell with your palm facing up, the heavier side is at your pinkie finger.

The difference in weight depends on how much you lift. If you are lifting up to 25 pounds make it a 5 pound difference.

Example: For a 15 pound lift place 10 on the heavy side and 5 on the light. For 25 pounds place 15 on the heavy side and 10 on the light.

If you are lifting 30 pounds or more, make the difference 10 pounds. For a 35 pound lift, 25 on the heavy side, 10 on the light.


Start the curl in hammer grip, with arms at your side and palms facing in. As you curl up toward the shoulder, turn your pinkie finger in toward your chest (like a concentration curl) and shoulder.

The reason this works so well is because as you curl, the pinkie finger is curling toward your chest and has to fight a greater resistance then if it were balanced. This technique (pinkie toward chest) is fantastic anyway for muscle development and growth. Adding in the off weight resistance really changes things up for your biceps and gives you pumped up arms in less time.

If you have a fixed weight set you can still do this! Instead of gripping your weights in the middle, hold the dumbbell off center, so your thumb and forefinger are pressed in to the outer weight and your pinkie finger has lots of room on the other side.

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