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Mar 6 / admin

3 Great Bicep Exercises For Building Bigger Biceps

If you want to learn the best ways to build bigger biceps then you most likely understand just how much a large set of biceps could really help your physique. No other muscle has as much reputation as the bicep; it is a sign of strength, masculinity and power which you could display in practically any clothes. The biceps are not the be all and end all of wonderful musculature but knowing ways to build bigger biceps needs to be something everyone who does bodybuilding should understand.

Some fantastic workouts to spark muscle development in your biceps are:

Standing Bar Curls

The standing bar curl is an excellent bicep workout, possibly the best. If you not doing anything else this should be in your workout regimen as it targets the bicep  and various other muscles around the bicep. To do this exercise practice good form by:                                                                                                       standing bar curl

  • Holding the bar about shoulder width with a great underhand grip
  • Locking your elbows at your sides about an inch approximately out
  • Use your full range of movement
  • See to it you only curl from the elbows, not various other muscles.
  • At the top of the curl hold for a couple of seconds and squeeze your biceps
  • Gradually lower bar, do not drop
  • Bear in mind to breathe out as you lift and inhale as you lower

One Armed Bicep Curls

This is even more of a isolation workout and while I  suggest more compound workouts this does allow you to deal with parts of the bicep that might not get as excellent a workout than with various other workouts. For building extra muscle size this is a good one to do.

This is even more of a isolated exercise for building bigger biceps as you can do it sitting on a preacher bench.

This really enables you to curl the weight as far as you can to get even more from each set. It is a bit easier to have good form when doing this: concentration curl

  • Sit at the preacher bench with a dumbbell with an underhand grip
  • Rest your elbow on the bench and straighten your arm
  • Slowly curl the dumbell gradually as far as you could towards the shoulder only using the biceps not the shoulder muscles.
  • At the peak of the curl squeeze your biceps then gradually lower back to the start.
  • Bear in mind to breathe out as you raise and inhale as you lower


Incline Bicep Curls

The incline curl is an excellent exercise to develop larger biceps due to the fact that you work different areas and you can target more parts of the muscle fibers in the bicep. The way to do this workout is:

  • Sit down on a bench with about a 60 degree angle.
  • Hold a dumbell in each hand and let your arms naturally lower pointing to the floor
  • Curl the dumbell up past your core to your shoulders while turning your wrists to turn the dumbell
  • Gradually lower the weights keeping resistance as you do.
  • Bear in mind to breathe out as you lift and inhale as you lower

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