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Oct 30 / admin

Extreme bodybuilding tips for classic bodybuilding results

When you decide to work out, what extreme bodybuilding results are you most in search of? Is it bigger legs, flatter abs, larger arms, what? Some of you may be interested exclusively in overall fitness and could care less about results in one particular body part. However, if you are into bodybuilding then you are interested in one thing only – getting ripped and looking as large as possible. If that is you then I classify you as an extreme bodybuilding purist who seeks a classic build. Read on . . .

classic bodybuilding physique

The first thing you have to do is set goals. Building huge muscles doesn’t happen immediately, in fact you’ll probably need to put in hundreds of hours to experience the gains you’re looking for. That means you’ve got to have a plan and stick to it. Getting sidetracked or changing your routine because you don’t think you’re seeing the growth you expected can set you back. You want to have impressive success in extreme bodybuilding? Well, I can tell you right now that won’t happen unless you have a plan.

Next, focus on the body parts that give you classic results. These are the shoulders, the arms and the legs. These three areas will make you look great in clothes and achieve the overall extreme bodybuilding results you desire, which are to look absolutely ripped with your clothes off too!

Finally, push each muscle to the max. If you are not prepared to fatigue each muscle group then you are not serious about extreme bodybuilding results – period. No muscle in the world will grow without stress. In fact, it will atrophy quite quickly and become soft in no time at all. Muscles respond to stress by growing and in order to continue this process you MUST expose your muscles to more and more stress with each workout.

If you can’t do that then it’s time to REST MORE and not WORKOUT MORE. If your muscles can’t lift more weight next week then take the week off – they haven’t recovered properly yet!

Extreme bodybuilding does take work but more importantly it requires a plan that is coupled with action. These two things are going to help you achieve the results you (and I) desire. Without the hard work at the gym using proper techniques, all the supplements in the world don’t really matter so don’t waste your money!

Want to reach your bodybuilding goals?

I know how hard it can be to work hard on your body and not reach your goals due to one small detail you are missing.The good news is that achieving the body of your dreams IS achievable if you follow the proper steps

Apr 19 / admin

Improve The Efficiency of Your Biceps Workouts

From bodybuilding stars like Ronnie Coleman and Becca Swanson to average people who wish to look strong and toned, biceps exercises are important. They are a crucial component of a general bodybuilding plan. For those men and women who want a muscular look but not super size biceps, should use smaller weights with more repititions.

The bicep is the huge muscle that forms the top of the upper arm. The triceps muscles form the underside. When admirers ask someone to flex their muscle, it is the biceps that get flexed. The bulge of muscle grows when it gets regular workout. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to flex your guns.

Exercise for any part of the body does not have to be complex to be effective. Routine biceps development should have good results. Plan to train your biceps 2 to 3 times each week. Trainers do not recommend daily workouts for any one muscle team. The body requires time to recover in between training sessions.

Start the biceps exercises with warm ups. You can undergo a few of the movements you will utilize during the routine exercise however with lighter or no weights. A warm up gets the heart pumping and prepares the muscles for extreme work.

A barbell curl is one basic but effective workout to develop the biceps. Stand and get the barbell with both hands, palms facing up. Keep your arms shoulder width apart. Bring the bar approximately your chest, flexing your elbows as you go. Bring the bar back down. This counts as one repetition.

Since it is necessary to keep the back straight and steady, some trainers recommend doing barbell curls with your back up against a wall.

This will help avoid your body from swaying. You want to concentrate on your biceps. Start with 8 to twelve repetitions, resting after each set. Try for 3 to 4 sets per workout. Adjust the amount of weight based on how easy or difficult it is to complete 12 reps. And once again, if you wish to tone rather than build big muscle mass, keep the weight load light.

Various other conventional workouts for the biceps consist of hammer curls and chin-ups. These 3 basic moves alone will develop your biceps when exercised on a regular basis. After your exercise, extend your biceps. Hold onto a wall or squat rack, then gradually rotate your shoulders and upper body forward. You ought to feel a small stretch in your arms. Practice your biceps workouts frequently and follow a healthy diet, and you will look more muscular in a matter of weeks.

Apr 12 / admin

Muscle Building Exercises – Great Tips to Build Huge Biceps

Do you feel annoyed that you’re not seeing the results that you anticipate from those long hours at the gym? Do you want to build huge biceps but are unsure how to? I will share with you some wonderful suggestions to really blast those biceps and have you tearing t-shirts like the incredible hulk in no time!

Barbell curls are the most common exercise that people use to train the biceps. In truth I would state that for most people it’s the only workout that they use to train the biceps.

Things is … you have actually got to keep them biceps guessing. If you simply use the exact same exercise again and again then they will go into a comfort zone and your muscle development will start to decrease.

The key is to mix things up!

The next time you visit the gym do some hammer curls and incline dumbbell curls. This will stun your body into taking activity and drag your biceps out of their comfort zone.

An additional tip to develop substantial muscle is to add more weight however do less reps, this has the exact same impact as when you switch around your exercises … it shocks your biceps and they will begin to expand.

As you can see if you fall under the trap of just doing the exact same thing over and over again when you visit the gym then you will struggle to see the gains that you desire. Mix things up and in no time at all you will have those huge biceps that have always wanted.

May 24 / admin

8 Little Known Secrets to Build Huge Biceps Fast!

If you want to get big biceps quickly, simply exercising in the gym will not do the trick. You need to do the right kind of exercises and eat the right foods. Below are 8 ideas that will help you build huge biceps really fast.

1. Train with heavy weights

Try to lift as much weight as you can even if that means that you will do less repetitions. If you are a beginner you can gradually increase the weight you lift each week.

2. Don’t train every day

Prevent working out more than 4 times a week. Over training is among the most common reasons a majority of people fail to see results. You have to give your muscles time to recuperate. Besides, we get the most gains during rest. You should get adequate rest in order to allow your body to fix all the tissue damages.

3. Do not overdo it with one muscle group

You have to track the number of times you work on every muscle group and try not to concentrate too much on one group.

4. Eat the right foods

To build muscle your body needs protein. Eat more eggs, fish, lean meat and milk. Try to stay away from sweets and fatty foods.

5. Drink more water

Your body requires water to clear out all the contaminants.

6. Get adequate sleep

Try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep, due to the fact that the growth hormone is produced during sleep.

7. Eat regularly

Try to eat every 2-3 hours, due to the fact that consuming only one full size meal every day can in fact make your biceps smaller.

8. Force your body to produce more testosterone

This bodily hormone stimulates protein synthesis and promotes development. You need to avoid anything that decreases your testosterone levels like soy, which raises estrogen. Additionally attempt to stay clear of drinking alcohol, due to the fact that it can dehydrate you, and sweets such as ice creams.

May 8 / admin

Best Biceps Training Workouts and Exercises

I see a lot of people in the gym working on their arms. That indicates doing biceps and triceps workouts without any concentration on the muscles they are doing and lifting more weight that their muscle can handle. Doing exercises the wrong way leads to slower muscle building and development. Are you one of them? Then keep reading to see exactly what things you have to be careful on and which biceps workouts and exercises are the best to go for at the start!

First when deciding that you want larger biceps you should follow some rules, no matter if you are a woman or guy, or if you do not even go to the gym, but do exercises at home. The first part to follow is the nutrition. You must have an ideal nutrition, that means sufficient proteins and not to many carbs and fat food. Your muscles require proteins to expand (I advise a whole lot of meet and whey supplement). Second you should work your biceps 1-2 times per week. Third is that you should work other muscles of your body. The ones I recommend the most are chest, legs and back. The best exercises for building these muscles are squats and dead lift.

As I stated you need to work 1-2 times per week in the gym or in your home to get more powerful and bigger arms. Here are the best biceps workouts that you should follow the first week. In the 2nd week you need to change the workouts to get faster results.

Barbell Curl – This is an extremely basic workout for your biceps. In some cases it is best to apply lighter weights and concentrate more on your muscles and do even more lifts than normal. Try to lower your shoulders when doing it and not attempting to help your lifting with swinging your body forward and back.

Chin Up – You need to have the strength to lift your body up at least 10 times. If you can not, that implies you are not strong enough for your weight.

Incline Dumbbell Curl – This workout works wonders, trust me! Generally I add in each routine an half routine so that I do 12 lifts, then I have a 8 seconds of rest and I do another 6 lifts. I do 3 routines in that exercise.

Concentration Curl – I do this exercise at the end of the workout. That means putting on less weight and trying to focus just on biceps when lifting dumbbell. Do lifts gradually and stay focused!